Extract 1gram/POS from the message table

Argument and Default Value



This switch uses the result from add_parses or add_tweetpos, and extracts ngrams from the POS tagged table. Splits the POS tagged message on whitespace, then lowercases the word but not the POS. Similar to add_ngrams but appends the POS that the ngram was used as.

Note that this can't be used with fwflag_n, it only works with n = 1.

Other Switches

Required Switches:

Optional Switches:

Example Commands

# Simply extracts 1gram (with POS) from the message table "msgs_r10k"
# Uses the fact that msgs_r10k_pos exists.
# Creates: feat$1gram_pos$msgs_r10k$user_id$16to16
dlatkInterface.py -d fb20 -t msgs_r10k -c user_id --add_pos_ngram_table