Table containing "word usage" per group

Argument and Default Value

Table name in MySQL. Usually starts with feat$....


This switch specifies what the infrastructure will use as the table that contains a group's word usage. By default (i.e. if not specified) this table is feat$1gram$MESSAGE_TABLE$GROUP_ID$16to16.

Use cases:

  • --add_lex_table If your lexicon was build on 1to3grams, supply the 1to3gram table with this switch, it will then match all ngrams. If not used, the lexicon will only count things that are 1 grams in the lexicon.

  • If you need to use --group_freq_thresh but you don't have a complete 1gram table by the feat$1gram$MESSAGE_TABLE$GROUP_ID$16to16 format (i.e., if that would be too large and you only have a feat_occ_filtered table), you can supply your word table here.

Example Commands

dlatkInterface.py -d dla_tutorial -t msgs -c user_id --add_lex_table -l met_a30_2000 --weighted_lexicon  --word_table 'feat$1gram$msgs$user_id$16to16$0_01'