--where VALUE


Filter groups based on sql call.

Argument and Default Value

Argument is sql-lik` query with column_name, operator and value. The column_name must be an actual column in --outcome_table. Do NOT include the word "where" after inside your. There is no default value.

Works with correlation, prediction and classification.


  • --where "age >= 30 and age < 80"

  • --where "gender = 0"

  • --where "upt > 100"

Other Switches

Required Switches:

Example Commands

# Run LIWC over age and only consider males
dlatkInterface.py -d dla_tutorial -t msgs -c user_id -f 'feat$cat_LIWC2007$msgs$user_id$16to16' --outcome_table blog_outcomes --outcomes age --where "gender = 1" --output_name xxx_output --correlate