--output_name FILENAME


Overrides the default filename for output.

Argument and Default Value

String for output file name.


Aliases: --output, --output_file

Other Switches

This is optional for many switches.

Example Commands

This commands will create topic word clouds correlated with age and gender and place them in the age_and_gender_clouds directory:

dlatkInterface.py -d dla_tutorial -t msgs -c user_id \
-f 'feat$cat_met_a30_2000_cp_w$msgs$user_id$16to16' \
 --outcome_table blog_outcomes  --group_freq_thresh 500 \
 --outcomes age gender --output_name age_and_gender_clouds \
 --topic_tagcloud --make_topic_wordcloud --topic_lexicon met_a30_2000_freq_t50ll \
--tagcloud_colorscheme bluered