[feat1 feat2 ...] OR [feature table]

Argument and Default Value

if feature table is given, then read distinct features


Other Switches

Required Switches:

Example Commands

#Printing tokenized lines with 1 grams that were only used by 0.5% or more of study_codes:
dlatkInterface.py -d tester7 -t statuses_er1_655 --print_tokenized_lines ser1_filt.txt --feat_whitelist 'feat$1gram$statuses_er1_655$study_code$16to16$0_005'

#With whitelist for only correlating subset of features (agr and con):
dlatkInterface.py -d tester7 -t statuses_er1 -c study_code -f 'feat$p_ridg_lbp_oceangft500$statuses_er1$study_code' --group_freq_thresh 0 --outcome_table outcomesFinal --outcomes DEPRESSION DM_UNCOMP EATING_DIS GI_SXS PREGNANCY PSYCHOSES STI --outcome_controls sex_int isBlack isWhite isHispanic ageTercile0 ageTercile1 ageTercile2 --correlate --rmatrix --whitelist --feat_whitelist agr con --output_name ./output