-f, --feat_table


Specify where the features are stored

Argument and Default Value

Name of the feature table in MySQL. For more information, see "Understanding Feature Table Names".


Specifies the name of the table containing extracted features. Features are usually created using one of the steps in Feature Extraction.

Expected column format of the table must/will contain at least the following:

  • group_id: Contains the "group_id" id-s (i.e. type specified by -g). Is an index.

  • feat: Contains the feature type. Could be n-grams, lexicon features, etc.

  • value: Contains the straight up count of the feature for the group_id. For ngrams, is just occurrence count. For lexical features, is number of words matched for given feature & group_id.

  • group_norm: Contain the "relative frequency" of each feature. See specific feature extraction pages for how it actually works.